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Devoured 5 (MP4)

Devoured 5 (MP4)Starring Jacqueline Velvets8:25 minutes long, scored, 1920 x 1080Jackie is awakened from her slumber by a strange, gurgling noise coming from downstairs. She goes down the darkened stairs to investigate and finds herself confronted by a growling, misshapen monster, its wet, purple-black mouth wide open. She falls back and tries to escape it, but it is too quick for her and has her feet in its mouth before she can run up the stairs. She struggles and screams but the giant creature slowly works her body into its wet slimy mouth. Even as she disappears feet-first, Jackie is both terrified and aroused by the sucking slide into its throat.Devoured 5 includes bare feet, struggling, fear, vore, soft vore, swallowing.Devoured 5 is filmed in high-definition 1920 x 1080.8:25 minutes; 1920×1080; MP4, 469M, scored