Role Play

Dirty Poses For Daddy (mov)

This was a commissioned video.  “Daddy” is used throughout and “Col” is used.  For your own personalized fantasy please contact me for details.Script –>  Daddy had arranged for someone to come over and pose for him so he could try out his new camera.  At the last minute, she cancelled and daddy is visibly upset.  Daddy’s girl asks him what’s wrong and daddy explains.  “Well, I can pose for you daddy!”  Daddy thinks this is a great idea.  Daddy’s girl is wearing dress and heels.  She starts to pose.  She lifts her dress higher and higher.  She bends over and shakes her ass.  Naughty daddy says he’d like for her to take the dress off.  “Daddy, I don’t have on any underwear!  If I take off my dress, I’ll be totally naked.  There will be nothing to cover up my bald pussy daddy”, she says with a naughty smirk.  She continues to tease daddy, laying spread eagle while barely being covered up between her legs.  Daddy’s cock is getting very hard.  All clothing comes off.  Daddy’s girl lies across the sofa and strokes daddy’s cock.  She plays with her tits & clit with her free hand.  “Mmmmm I want to suck on your thick cock daddy.  I want to feel it in my mouth.”  She sucks on daddy’s cock while still playing with herself.  “I bet you didn’t realize your little Princess was such a dirty bitch daddy.  I love being your dirty little bitch.  now fuck me hard you dirty fucking bastard.”  She turns around to let daddy fuck her from behind while she talks dirty and rubs her clit to orgasm.Captures Your Fantasy For:  Daddy’s Girl, Role Play, Taboo, POV, Dirty Talk, Strip Tease, Erotic Nude, Virtual Sex, Moaning, Virtual Hand Job, Virtual Blow Job, Female Masturbation, High Heels, Orgasm