Role Play

I can’t wait for 5pm: Custom Clip for Sherman Receptionist Roleplay

This was a custom request. For your own Purchase it from My Goodies section or Message Me Via Chat your script for rates.:Dear Jenn,Here is the script for a possible video I’d like to have you create. I don’t know how long it is going to run. For this scene, imagine yourself as a receptionist for a company called Allset. It is lunchtime and everyone is gone for an hour, but your duties require you to stick around to answer the phone. You and I have been having sexual relations outside of work time and are keeping our relationship secret from our co-workers. You are sitting at your desk. You are wearing a skirt, no pantyhose, black high heels, and a jacket. Since you are filming alone, one suggestion would be to simply have you sit in an office chair without a table in front of you. Or you could be sitting in front of a folding table, this way the camera will be able to see everything below your ribcage.  The script or your dialog: So, Sherman, are you going out to lunch with everyone else and leaving me all alone here? Tonight, when everyone is gone at 5, you and I could have another session in the copy room. (In a seductive voice) Maybe we can see just how loud we can be. (You smile and laugh) Oh, Sherman, you are a naughty boy. (I start to kiss you on the neck. Concern crosses your face and you start to get serious as you hold up one hand trying to push me off) Oh my God, Sherman. You can’t do that here. What if someone comes in and sees us? Can’t you wait until tonight? (I get down on my knees and start crawling under your desk) What are you doing? Are you crazy? We can’t do that here. (you push yourself back in your chair as if you are trying to get away from me) Let go of my chair. Get away. (You make a movement like you are pushing my head away from your lap) (I am now underneath your desk. I tell you that I intend to eat you out right now. You whisper to me in a serious tone) If we get caught, you’re going to get us both fired. (I start licking and nibbling up your leg, making my way towards your inner thighs, then up towards your crotch) “Oh Wow. Sherman…no…stop…we can’t…Dammit, stop it. (You are now hiking up the fabric of your skirt around your waist. At this point, you can use a vibrator, toy, or your fingers to start masturbating. Basically you are basically doing to yourself what my tongue would be doing to you. You are fighting to keep your composure while you keep an eye on the front door as a customer may come walking in at any time. Panting and breathing hard you say:) Please, Sherman, stop…you can do this tonight…after work…someone will walk in and see us. (after a couple of minutes of me eating you out and with moaning and grunting in pleasure, I start to get frisky and start to work my middle finger up your asshole. At which time, the phone starts to ring and you have to answer it) He…hello…Allset. Sherman’s…not…here. He’s…he’s out to lunch…right…right…now. Yes…yes…he’s probably…eating…something…something…good right…now. Oh…me…I’m…okay…I…think I’m…about to sneeze. Let…me…transfer…you to his…phone…right…now. You’re welcome. (you hang up the phone) Goddamn you, Sherman. You’re…you’re going to pay for this.” (you then bring yourself to several of your beautiful orgasms. And I’d appreciate seeing your entire face as this happens. Please don’t look down or sideways. After you have your final orgasm, you just collapse into your office chair, totally spent, but happy) You what till tonight, fella. I’m going to get you back good for this.