Super Villain

In Isley’s Garden (4K MP4)

NEED A SMALLER FILE SIZE? GET THE 1080 VERSION OF THIS CLIP HEREPamela Isley has so much hatred toward men, and focuses so much of Her attention on the end goal, that She often forgets to derive pleasure from Her own power.  Now, She has a well-endowed man tied up in Her garden (whom She intends to terminate), but before taking his life, She’s going to use him to release some long-built-up tension.  Isley enters Her garden and awakens Her victim.  As he begins to struggle against the vines, Ms Ivy mesmerizes him with Her magic dust, and immediately, he’s under her control.  Poison Ivy then instructs the man to lick and fuck the luscious lips between Her legs before finally using those infamous lips on Her pretty face to suck out his cum, spit it into his mouth, and take his life with a final kiss.Buy the clip for the incredibly hot, sensually dominant Super Villain, FemDom Sex, Executrix scene, incorporating elements of Erotic Magic, Love Addiction, men Following Orders, Pussy Worship, Oral Servitude, Orgasms, Big Dicks, Fucking, Doggy Style, BlowJobs, Cum Swallowers, and of course Me as Poison Ivy getting licked, fucked, sucking, and taking lives!Enjoy more Super Villain clips hereEnjoy more FemDom Sex clips hereEnjoy more Executrix clips here