New Bat Girl Transformation 1080HD wmv

Ashley finds a package at her door but doesn’t know who it is from. She hasn’t ordered anything. When she opens it… she finds a “Bat Girl” uniform costume and a phone. She laughs and thinks that it must have been delivered by mistake. Then she finds a note that tells her to put the uniform on and wait for a call. She thinks that it is silly, but curiosity gets the best of her so she does it. As she puts on the superheroine attire she feels a subtle but very real powerful transformation taking place. She is even more beautiful, stronger, smarter, charming, sexy, athletic, and powerful than ever before! As the transformation is commencing she receives the call and is alarmed to find out that she is now the REAL Bat Girl… the chosen one. Until now she thought it was a legend… a myth…. a tale. Meet the NEW BatGirl. Super Hero!