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Perverted Psychologist (SD, mobile version) – The Evil Therapist Magically Controls her Beautiful Body!

This is the mobile (SD) version of the clip (852×480 1500kbps). You can find the HD desktop version here: Perverted Psychologist – The Evil Therapist Magically Controls her Beautiful Body! This session at the psychologist is not what it seems like. It is not, believe me. He may seem like a laid-back nice guy, but, mark my words, he isn’t… at all! What he does is outrageous and he should be punished for it. He listened to my weekly problems, then suggested a “relaxing trance”. Nothing wrong with it until now, huh? After he got me in that trance, which was supposed to bring me relaxation and relieve stress, he started to do… things. Unimaginable things for a decent woman like myself. I won’t even mention every detail, because it utterly disgusts me, but it involved freezing my body (just the body, not the mind) and making me undress so he can have better look over my boobs. It was so humiliating! He’s just going on, making me strip my clothes, one by one while I was begging him to stop. He didn’t stop until he had all the fun he wanted to have, and tried to erase my memory at the end of the session. It worked, but after a few hours I felt strange and begun to remember every nasty part of it! Bastard!Keywords: amedee-vause, amedeevause, damsel-in-distress, embarrassing, psychotherapist, magic-trance, magic-control, body-control, forced-stripping, lingerie, pushup-bra, babe, mind-games, infuriated-lady, evil-therapist, big-tits, big-natural-tits, big-boobs, boobs, tit-play, nipples, nightmare. More Damsel in Distress Action Here!Clasroom Nightmare – Did you ever dream about being Naked at School? Well, I did!Airport Nightmare – Forgot my Butt-Plug inside at the Airport! Biggest Fear is the Perfect Nightmare!Magic Remote Madness – Damsel in Distress with Total Body Control!