Supergirl becomes my bitch – WMV

Starring: Alexis Rain (Harley Quinn)  & Maria Jade (Supergirl) Custom Scenario: You have captured Supergirl but she still has some fight in her and tries to resist you. You pin her down on the floor, holding her wrists down and start kissing her. She tries to resist but you have her trapped. You then sit on her stomach, straddling her and trap her arms by her sides. You then play with her tits through her costume. She moans and protests but you have her trapped. You then pull her top up to reveal her tits and you suck on her tits. You then get off her but keep her pinned down. You reach down to spread her legs, lifting up her skirt and sliding your fingers into her panties and finger her while you continue to kiss her and suck on her tits. You then go down on her, licking and fingering her until she cums. You then reward yourself by removing your shorts and sitting on her face forcing her to lick your pussy until you cum all over her face. You then kiss supergirl sharing the taste of both your pussies on your lips. Next, you have supergirl lying on her back on a table. You are standing between her legs wearing a strapon. You hold her ankles in the air and slide the dildo slowly,all the way in and then fuck her.You then pull out and flip her over so she is bent over the table and fuck her from behind. Finally, she is totally broken from too many orgasms. You pull out and the two of you make out passionately, supergirl is your bitch now.