The Darker knight (Part 8) Public Humiliation!

Part 6 Batman & Foot Fetish Fans you are in for a treat! This is part 8 of a full 9 PART 90 minute movie!! This clip is the beginning of Batman’s PUBLIC HUMILIATION! Amazing effects, amazing feet, and of course amazing me!! Did I mention feet? LOTS OF FEET!!! Soft delicious soles!! Watch as I seek out my revenge with Goddess Janna on Batman. Watch how we put him under our foot spell & turn not just him, but ALL of Gotham CITY into our foot slaves. Sissy fucking footslaves!! DO you think we can take down the bat? With only the power of our feet? Do you think it will last? Can Batman be dominated & controlled by the power in our feet? We have so many tasks planned for him!! Then tasks for the rest of the city!! Be prepared to get addicted to this series!!! na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Fooooot mannnnnnn!! 😛 Enjoy & let me know what you think! This movie will be the 1st of a a movie trilogy, with different a Goddess in each one!!